Synchron Motor Replacement Copper Bracket Plastic Budweiser Clydesdale Parade Carousels

  • $ 149.00

This is for the NEW Budweiser Carousel Parade Clydesdale Rotating Hanging Lamp Light Synchron Motor.  It is the is the power behind this turning.  This is for the new motor only and has the Copper End and Plastic end with it..  Replace that worn out, broken motor so your carousel can rotate again.  Fits the Carousel lights from the 1960, 1970, and the 1980s.  It also fits 

Budweiser Parade 
Budweiser Spectacular
Budweiser Illuminated Spectacular Olympic Globe
Michelob Light Hanging Crystal
Michelob Hanging Crystal
Michelob Soaring Eagles

Michelob Amberbach 2001