Ordering and Pre-Orders

  • For in stock items just go to the items and select them, hit the checkout when done and follow the prompts.

Pre Orders

  • Items that are pre-order are not in stock, it is reserving item for you when they arrive.
  • Approximate arrival dates are in the description, subject to change according to manufacturer release dates.
  • All items that are pre-order, hit the contact us page and let us know what all items you want.
  • Items pre-ordered could be delayed or not fulfilled by the manufacturer, in the highly unlikely event this happens you will be fully refunded.
  • There is a $10 down for all pre-orders, after 7 days it is non refundable.
  • When the item arrives the rest is due. 
  • Items will ship within a day after receiving.
  • We accept all forms of payments from Credit Cards, Cashier Checks and Money Orders. 
  • If using Paypal the full amount will be charged from your account.  The item will not ship until we receive it. We encourage using your credit card if you do not want the full amount taken out immediately.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities or orders at any time. If an order comes in with a large quantity of a single item we reserve the right to adjust or limit the item.
  • We have to keep it fair for all of our customers.