Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Heroes PX Batman vs Superman 1/9 Scale Action Figure

  • $ 59.99

From Beast Kingdom. A PREVIEWS Exclusive. Beast Kingdom's all new D.A.H. (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) series introduces collectors to new, figures based on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! These proportional figures have 30 movable joints, allowing fans to confidently recreate heroic poses from the movie! The line begins with Batman (DAH-001), Wonder Woman (DAH-002), Superman (DAH-003), and Armored Batman (DAH-004). Each figure features fine exterior design and detailed professional painting, plus they come with character-specific accessories - Batman with his Grapple Gun, Wonder Woman with sword and shield, Superman with Kryptonite spear, and Armored Batman with grenade launcher and Batarangs.